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These animations of organic reaction mechanisms developed by Grigoriy Sereda (Professor of chemistry) at the University of South Dakota have been used by many organic chemistry teachers around the world, contributed to the US National Science Library and Merlot database. Analysis of the resource's pedagogical impact has been published in Sereda G. Chem. Educator 10 2005 1, 46-49 DOI 10.1333/s00897050862a

  Free-radical bromination of propane
Electrophilic hydrobromination of propene
Free-radical hydrobromination of propene
Electrophilic bromination of cis-2-butene
Carbocation rearrangement
SN2 reaction
SN1 reaction
E1 reaction
E2 reaction
Epoxide formation
Acidic cleavage of epoxides
Alkaline cleavage of epoxides
Diels-Alder reaction
Electrophilic Bromination of benzene
Cyanohydrin synthesis
Fischer esterification
Alkaline hydrolysis of ethylacetate
Beckman rearrangement

Grigoriy Sereda and the University of South Dakota, 1997-2005

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